Hoof Boots - The 21st Century Horseshoe

Metal shoes were created for a reason; protection. And for that reason, each horseshoe I pull off is replaced with a well-fitting, state of the art hoof boot. Hoof boots offer protection, traction, stimulation and support to the sole and frog. And best of all (unlike metal shoes); they come off at the end of the day!

Just as we use shoes for comfort and support while working, running, hiking etc., we also benefit from being able to take them off afterward. Imagine having to wear a set of soccer cleats day and night for 6-8 weeks on end.

Modern hoof boots provide support and comfort while transitioning from iron shoes and offer protection, traction and shock absorption to the entire hoof while riding on rocky or challenging terrain. They are available in a range of models, sizes and tread patterns. Padded inserts may be used to add support and stimulate the sole and frog. Hoof boots fit snugly below the hairline (to avoid rubbing) and remain well attached even when crossing creeks or muddy bogs. A pair of boots take only 2 minutes to put on and 10 seconds to remove. Have I mentioned that they last several times longer than a set of iron shoes? Some have referred to hoof boots as the "21st century horseshoe" and I agree.

Let me also state that I do not think of myself primarily as a barefoot riding advocate. Although I prepare hooves for living barefoot and believe this is healthiest for the horse, I also contend that a hoof will need additional protection any time when wear exceeds growth or when the terrain to be worked on greatly differs from that the horse lives on.

I use a variety of methods and materials available to me to make a horse comfortable when in use or at liberty. I carry an inventory of boots and sole/frog support pads in a range of sizes and provide custom fitting when necessary.

I believe it is of utmost importance that a horse is comfortable on its four bare feet. Growth of a healthy hoof can only occur when the horse moves in a natural manner.

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